MCCI® Corporation
is the leading developer
of USB stack and USB driver solutions
for personal
media delivery,
systems peripherals,
and networking.

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MCCI USB DataPump® for Android


Embedded MCCI USB DataPump®

MCCI MyLynq™ for Outlook

Interconnect Solutions

MCCI Catena 1910

Introducing the MCCI Catena® 1910!

Because we are great OEM USB software developers ourselves, we know what great developers need: quality test hardware.

Two versions of the MCCI Catena 1910 Protocol Analyzer and Verification Tool are available today: HSIC and MIPI. Read more...

Introducing the MCCI® Connection Exerciser!

The MCCI USB 3.0 Connection Exerciser automates Host to Device cable removal and attachment. Use it to find and analyze SuperSpeed USB connection problems in a well controlled and repeatable manner. Read more...

  Connection Exerciser